Operating life

between 50km and 80km
(from 100 km to 160 km with 2 batteries)


(70 km/h on closed loop)

Removable battery

Panasonic 18650


70 kg (SOCO TC)
78 kg (SOCO TS 1200R)

Charge time

5 to 6 hours
on traditional power


50 cts per 100 km

Resellers of SOCO’s electric motorcycles in Saint-Rémy, we have many SOCO’s bikes, vintage or modern, in different colors.

The brand:

SOCO is the result of several years of research and cutting-edge technology. Currently the best products on the e-bikes market in terms of autonomy, performance and reliability.
Marketed by a French company, SOCO’s are an alliance between international actors: they are developed by a Dutch company (Bosch’s engines) and they are launched by an Australian company.

Super SOCO TS 1200R:

Super SOCO TS 1200R:
Contemporary and svelte shaped,
it represents the new era of electric vehicles

Super SOCO TC:

Super SOCO TC:
Vintage look with today’s technology,
you won’t go unnoticed

The little extras:

Batterie moto électrique
Batterie moto électrique

Extra battery (optional)

Thanks to its 2 high-performance batteries you can bring with you, your motorcycle will be able to ride until 160 km. Easily removable, you can recharge them into any electrical outlet.

Keyless start

Start your engine by pressing the power button

Electric antitheft

Total block if the remote is not close while the motorcycle is started

Several driving modes

Performance optimization (autonomy, balance)

Smartphone application

Connect to your motorcycle via the app and be aware of all the information that is in the on-board computer (autonomy, kilometers…)

Are you seduced?

It’s time to come to the shop to test them. They are waiting for you…

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