There is nothing easier than
renting an electric motorcycle
in Saint-Rémy

Be of age

From 18 years old

Possess a valid driver license

B, A, or BSR for more than 2 years

These are flexible driving conditions because they are 50-cc motorcycles.
However, please read the guidelines before getting started.

Rental packages:

(in Euros including VAT)
Insurance, helmet, gloves and antitheft device included

Half a day

1 day

2 days


Long-term rental






Quote on demand


Available soon

½ jour.


2 jours


Longue durée






Sur devis


Bientôt disponible

Security deposit: 750 €     Secondary battery rental: 25 €

Frequently asked questions

We are at your disposal to answer any of your questions about our rental services.Nonetheless, please find some further information below.

Depending on your riding, the motorcycles have a 60 to 80 km range. By renting a secondary battery you can double the distance.

If you are renting a motorcycle for several days, you will only need a simple electrical outlet to plug the battery into and recharge it. Charge will be complete in approx. 5 to 6 hours which represents a small cost (less than 0,50€ for a complete charge).

It’s lunch time: simply ask your host to plug your battery in while you enjoy your meal. Even 1 hour of charge will allow you to ride 15 to 20km further.

Don’t forget!

With an electric bike, no need to fill the gas tank before returning it to us. A gauge appears on screen with your battery power left.

Troubleshooting is included.

We provide maintenance and cleaning of our motorcycles, and they are tested before each rental. However, if you experience an engine issue or encounter a flat tire problem, we will be there to help you quickly.

A fee may be charged if the failure is not due to the bike and due to the driver misconduct.

dépannage de moto électrique

You are in holidays in the Alpilles but you don’t know anything about the area?

Do not hesitate to ask us! We know everything about the main and minor roads on which you will love to ride.

And remember, with an electric motorcycle, no more noises. You are able to fully enjoy the cicadas song in summer. Zero pollution and zero nasty odors, not even during acceleration.

Live the electric motorcycle experience in Provence

itinéraire location moto en provence
location moto électrique